Any of our Memorial Reefs can be used as an individual memorial.

Mariner Memorial Reef
4′ high by 6′ wide (large)
3800 – 4000 lbs.
The largest of our reefs, the Mariner Memorial Reef stands out as a pinnacle and attracts larger species of sea life. The Mariner can accommodate up to four sets of remains and is frequently used for spouses or partners to be together.

Nautilus Memorial Reef
3′ high by 4′ wide (medium)
1200 -1500 lbs.
Our Nautilus is the key building block of a complete reef system. These reefs provide excellent habitats for all types of sea life. The Nautilus can accommodate up to two sets of remains and is frequently used for individuals and their pets.

Aquarius Memorial Reef
2′ high by 3′ wide (small)
650 – 800 lbs.
The most compact of our reefs, the Aquarius is an excellent complement to the larger structures and is ideal for the smaller varieties of life.

What’s included with a Memorial Reef

  • The handling of the cremated remains once we receive them.
  • The incorporation of the remains into the concrete.
  • Normal sized house pets can be included in any of our individual memorials at no additional cost.
  • The casting of the Memorial Reef.
  • The transportation of the Memorial Reef to the project site.
  • The final placement and dedication.
  • A GPS survey to record the specific longitude and latitude of the Memorial Reef.
  • A bronze plaque with inscription.
  • Two Memorial Certificates.
  • Please note: When more than one set of remains is included in an individual Memorial Reef there is an additional charge of $250 for each set of remains after the first set of remains.

Eternal Reef Direct
Eternal Reefs Direct is our simplest memorialization service. Available for placement in Sarasota, Florida, Eternal Reefs Direct is a unique option for families who wish to have a loved one memorialized as a part of a living reef and are unable to attend the dedication and placement process. Eternal Reefs is currently placing memorial reefs on the Silvertooth Reef site off of Lido Beach in Sarasota. Silvertooth is already home to more than 600 Eternal Reefs and it is thriving with abundant sea life.

Eternal Reefs will receive the remains and staff will then cast the Eternal Reef, complete the placement and dedication in lieu of any family participation. The casting, placement and dedication will all take place in Sarasota and be completed as conditions allow. A plaque inscribed with the name of the individual along with their life dates and two certificates showing the GPS coordinates of the family’s loved one’s Eternal Reef are also provided. A beloved family pet can be included at no additional cost.

For overĀ 14 years, Eternal Reefs has been providing at-sea memorialization and now through Eternal Reefs Direct, the process is easy and affordable. The Eternal Reefs Direct Memorial is our most affordable Eternal Reefs Advance Planning Program option with both single- and multi-year payment options available.

For advance planning services, please contact Vicky HailĀ  at 1-866-784-7503.

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