Eternal Reefs, The Greening of Religion

Captain Tony

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Inside Edition 20090227 featuring Eternal Reefs

BJ Darga In Memory of Jeff

Eternal Reefs B-Roll Silvertooth Reef Site, Sarasota Fl.

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VTS 01 0

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National Geographic Discovery Channel Eternal Reefs

Mike Rowe’s Reef Ball Episode, the epilogue. See the growth that occured in 30 months.

Eternal Reefs Sarasota, Silvertooth Reef Site

Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs Reef Ball Lives!!! Check out the growth and life he is supporting

Griffin back at home, check out the sea life there to greet him!!!

Griffin Going Home

Sarasota, Eternal Reefs Silvertooth Reef Check out the Grouper Living in the Eternal Reef!

Capt. Tony’s Eternal Reef after two years

Golden Beach Eternal Reef Underwater Placement 7-2007

Eternal Reefs Military Honors

Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club Reef

sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club Reef Site

Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club Reef 6 Years of growth and contribution!

Captain Tony after One Year, See What He is Doing Now!

Captain Tony, Year Two!

‘Eternal Reefs’ To Help Bay Health

A green way to be buried is catching on in Maryland. Eternal reefs will be placed in the Chesapeake Bay that are made of concrete and the ashes of a loved one.

Video provided by NBC News affiliate, WBAL TV Baltimore

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